Change velocity in Sequencer without knobs

Hi, i try to to use the sequencer but stuck on editing velocity without knobs. Is there a trick?
I use a Waveshare Touchscreen.

You can touch and drag up/down to change the velocity of an existing note. Dragging left/right adjusts it’s duration. Once a drag has started you have to release and touch again to drag the other parameter, e.g. if you are dragging horizontally to adjust not duration you can’t drag vertically to adjust velocity until you release your touch.


Hi Riban, thanks but it doesn’t work for me. if i tap on the note it disappears. If i Touch and hold there comes a red Frame and if i drag left / right i can adjust its duration. Up/down nothing happens. ??? I don’t know…

That is odd! It is working here. There is a yellow bar in the bottom left of the screen which indicates the current velocity setting. Does that change at all?

If you have a computer keyboard connected or connect via VNC you can use the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Highlight a note to adjust
  • Shift + Enter to enter Note Parameter mode
  • Ctrl + , or . to adjust velocity up / down (on UK keyboard these keys also have < >)
  • Enter to leave Note Parameter mode

OK, i thought it shows numbers as indicator(Wiki). It work’s. Thank you. The yellow bar indicates velocity. You are right!


Also the opacity of the note bar changes to reflect velocity.

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