Changing "Single Channel Mode" name

My proposal, change it to “Stage Mode” as that’s what it was designed for, also it’s name should have been “Single Input Channel” mode as the engines are clearly assigned to different channels which was a thing that always confused me. Also instead of “Multi Channel Mode” when it’s off we should call it “Multi-timbrel mode” and concentrate on it being used as a sound module for a DAW, external or internal sequencers with the possibility of live accompaniment on other layers.

Stage Mode isn’t “Mono-Timbrel” mode either, which would be the obvious inverse, as you can can layer up two engines and forward one layer to another for multi layered timbres such as the classic Piano + Strings sounds.

Finally in Stage mode there should be the equivalent of splits, Using channel forwarding above, in the layer routing and effects menu, each layer could be set to respond on a subset of notes. e.g. Layer 1:A0 - B2, Layer 2:C3-C8. There’s probably midi filtering for this but I’m not getting in to that. 16 layers and “splits” should keep us going until MIDI 2.0 support is added.

Also I think it would be useful to note there should be a lot of overlap between the functionality between the dual modes, but that these names would help better guide people who have a cool new function and want to know where to put it.

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I don’t see, what the stage has to do with it.
It was designed to enable different layers with a master keyboard that only sends one MIDI channel.
On Stage I have a decent stage piano which can send multiple channels.
I needed it for a different master keyboards I own…I was the originator of this demand…

This was your original requirement, but I’d argue this isn’t the only benefit Single Channel mode brings. Also “Single Channel Mode” is a technically focussed and only partially correct name. " Active Layer Responds To Midi Input with Layer and Preset Switching On Program Change Mode" may have been more accurate.