Changing the order of synth controls?

Is there a way to rearrange the controls in Zynthian?

No. But if you have a midi controller with knobs and sliders you can map them all to those.



As a home builder I would like to be able to re-allocate the controls. For instance if I hoose to use the encoder housing the other way up.

  • You can customize the code for some engines. It’s really easy, although you will lost your changes when updating.

  • Or we can implement a mechanism for configuring controller order in a per-engine basis. You could create a “feature request” in our tracking system … :wink:

Anyway, most of people normally prefer to map zynthian controllers to their favorite MIDI controllers/keyboards.



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You can map the pins used for each rotary encoder which would allow you to move the function of each encoder. This is done in the hardware page of the webconf tool. (Indeed I have to do this with my prototype because I soldered two of the encoders in the wrong order.)

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I’m gonna look at the code :slight_smile:

I’m sure that one day you’ll implement an easy webconf page to rearrange the controls in the UI.

Onwards and upwards.


Or perhaps you or other people … :wink:

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