Children of the Eighties


As a member of a tiny amateur jazz combo I did a work piece for my co-jazzbrothers this night. It’s everything but perfect nor final.
(Lyrics & music by Gordon Sumner.)
But it utilizes that fat DX7 bass children of the Eighties never will forget.

Best regards from Germany.
Keep healthy!


Ohhh! Thanks a lot, @Stupps!

It’s soooo “blue” … i can’t stop listening the piece!! :relaxed:
Perfect for the moment, my friend!! It’s hard to say it …

I can imagine a few zynthianers listening this beautiful piece in the middle of the night and connecting, for a little moment, a few threads of our souls around the world … this fucking crazy world!!

The best!

Yesss!!! :smiley: One of the better best artists of the past 30 years! I love his music.
Nice performance! Let’s give @Stupps a big round of applause! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

(In case anyone was wondering, I am most definitely not a “child of the 80s”. :blush:)