Children of the Eighties


As a member of a tiny amateur jazz combo I did a work piece for my co-jazzbrothers this night. It’s everything but perfect nor final.
(Lyrics & music by Gordon Sumner.)
But it utilizes that fat DX7 bass children of the Eighties never will forget.

Best regards from Germany.
Keep healthy!


Ohhh! Thanks a lot, @Stupps!

It’s soooo “blue” … i can’t stop listening the piece!! :relaxed:
Perfect for the moment, my friend!! It’s hard to say it …

I can imagine a few zynthianers listening this beautiful piece in the middle of the night and connecting, for a little moment, a few threads of our souls around the world … this fucking crazy world!!

The best!

Yesss!!! :smiley: One of the better best artists of the past 30 years! I love his music.
Nice performance! Let’s give @Stupps a big round of applause! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

(In case anyone was wondering, I am most definitely not a “child of the 80s”. :blush:)

Thank you for this friendly lines.

Sat in front of the evening (bad) news when this one came into my mind. So this time it is dedicated to you in Spain, Italy, France.
(Lyrics & Music: Smith, Orzabal)


Ohhh! Thanks a lot, @Stupps!

I woke up this morning with “Mad world” in my brain … i don’t know why … :thinking: :grin: