Chiptune sounds on Zynthian?

The reMid is not fully working. No reaction on control changes, the Filter Cutoff pot goes only to 0.09 and stays there (the first quarter of circle).

Update your zynthian and try to reinstall reMID. I’ve fixed the install script …

You’re the man! :sparkles:

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@Beltshassar, please, don’t upload wavs from the zynthian to Internet, as they don’t work in most of browsers. Remember that you can convert to Ogg from the webconf :wink:

Sure, no problem, it’s just that my fruityfone does play the wav, but don’t like the ogg’s :woozy_face:
Looks like another verse of the everlasting browser compatability song.


Yes, I cant quite remember the name of the people that reneged on the adoption of ogg in the html standard . . . :frowning:

Hey I’m still here! Just enjoying the thread rather than taking part of the talk. Thanks guys, I’m learning a lot!

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@wyleu - Which is probably why they still around :laughing:

Well sorry for throwing the topic overboard, let’s get back to the bliss of retro soundchips from way before device compatability was even expected :thinking:

I have just started looking at reMid but the only control I see is volume. Do we have to program CCs to get other controls?
Patch making also looks like you have to edit the config files.
I wondering if my plugin is not loading correctly?

I’m not sure you’ll get any knobs an faders for remid. It’s based on reSid and works with preset instruments.
Here’s a few hints:
and the source includes a few examples, fx. piano.conf

The presets must go into a manifest.ttl preset list file in order to load inside the Jalv engine.
@ssj71 made the lv2 implementation and explains that part here:

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yeah the design for remid was originally for desktop. For the lv2 port I just tried to keep compatibility and where most lv2 hosts could provide a file browser to select different “instrument files” it seemed like a fine solution. Should my delusion of getting more time to work on it come true I’d like to make a 2nd generation plugin that has knobs for the base parameters and then loads a script file to allow automation of the parameters.


@Beltshassar - Yeah I read some of the documentation and had a look at the manifest. There were a few presets that were not listed so I just replicated a previous entry and added the names. Seemed to work great. It can be CPU intensive but I understand why.
@ssj71 - It works really well for the presets, I think I just misread that there were more controls being used. It’s a tricky one as you have to script the sound, then upload it before hearing it. I like your idea of base parameters, so being able to select the waveform etc… Time though, I totally get that. I shall play around with what we have and keep a look out for any future updates. :+1:

File based presets are great for sharing and reproducing instruments, but as @Simon notes, knobs would be great for trying out stuff.
BTW. my first encounter with reSid was the implementation in LMMS, which provides a bunch of knobby knobs and switches. I don’t know if there’s anything to learn from that, but I figured I wouldn’t hurt to mention. :wink:

(and yes! I am aware that spare time for pet projects are a pretty rare phenomenon, so please don’t take these ideas and gentle pushes as more than fellow enthusiasm. ReMid is already a cool tool in our fantastic toolbox!)


I’m familiar with lmms’s sid. In fact I dabbled with porting that to lv2 plugin before I ran into the reMID program which had a much cleaner code base for me to work with. I’ll keep its UI in mind if/when I go for the next version.

Thanks for the kind words. Hope you all can get some enjoyment out of the current reMID.lv2.