CHOMPI - a cute 'minimalist' sampler - YouTube video and planned Kickstarter

Here’s the YouTube video:
Introducing… :sparkles:CHOMPI​:sparkles:

Quite a bit of info on the functionality, and they obviously have done a lot already.

and the ‘UPCOMING PROJECT’ Kickstarter:
CHOMPI: A Magical Tape Music Instrument
Almost no info, just a place to put your name in to get notified when the kickstarter happens.

I didn’t notice any mention of open sourceness or open hardware, which would strongly influence my interest level. But the design looks quite nice.

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This looks very cool !

Sure, and the asked price on KS campaign will also be important imho :wink:

But project is very inspiring: Hw interface is pretty minimalist and workflow looks easy.

Except sample editing (I think so ?), Zynthian should carry most of the needed software to “emulate” this kind of gear.

Price is about 500€. Feels too much but depends on the built quality and sound quality. Definitely a very creative tool.