Choosing a name for the ZynStep's "live pattern triggering" feature

Please, make your proposals and we will vote:

  • TriGrid (from Trigger Grid), by Jofemodo
  • Pad Zoo, by @mheidt
  • HARAMSLDGI , as in Highly Advanced Rhythmic And Melodic Sequences Live Deployment Graphic Interface, by @lisacld
  • ZynGrid, by @Jtunes


Pad Zoo

I like TriGrid, but I like ZynGrid even more. (Unless that is too ambiguous…)

Clip Trigger or Clip Grid

  • ZynPad
  • Trigger pads
  • Pad triggers
  • Trigger view
  • Zynpani / Zympani

This is going to end up longer the the Step sequencer thread . . . .

ZynPad … short sweet, and takes up little screen space but is easily recognised in a hurry. . .

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ZynGrid. ZynPad sounds too close to a synth, like padthv1.

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I was kidding! I hope no one will take HARAMSLDGI seriously …

I like ZynGrid

ZynGrid of course ))

Everything is very serious in this forum … Mr. @wyleu and others can confirm my words …


OK! Enough candidates … It’s time for a votation, my droogs… :grin:

  • ZynGrid
  • ZynPad
  • TriGrid
  • Pad Zoo
  • Clip Trigger
  • Clip Grid
  • Trigger Pads
  • Pad triggers
  • Trigger view
  • Zynpani

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Wanders off to warm up a battlement or two…

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Now, would have come up with gryz´d :star_struck:

It’s not as if there’s a shortage of battlements, you know . . . .

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Saw this driving home from work… :fearful: :grin:

Somebody wanting to bet for a winner? :thinking:

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