Clarification HDMI displays

I need a definitive clarification on the display to be permanently mounted on my Zynthian … On my case I can mount a 3.5 or max 4 inch display.
I’d like to mount an hdmi display using the flat cable to connect directly to the board, but I don’t know which displays are compatible and if you can find a longer flat cable to get to the board. Can anyone help me clarify this doubt?
Many thanks


I use this, but it’s DSI, not HDMI:

In the display settings select the “Pi 7 Touchscreen Display 800x480”. If you need longer DSI cable, you can use any Raspberry Pi camera cable.

I don’t know the difference… unfortunately I’m not an expert on these peripherals… I stayed with 20x4 liquid crystal displays… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :thinking:
The flat cable of the raspicams is interesting… I have just one…
Many thanks gilrain

This 4 inch is the same?
One last question… does the power come via flat cable? Thank you

This 4 inch display is more expensive because of the optical bonding. I think it’s more like a smartphone display, but it probably does the job. The default orientation is portrait, so you have to rotate in the config. I use my display upside down, I had to write “lcd_rotate=2” and “display_rotate=2” in the config, maybe you need 1 or 3 for this parameters.

The power, the display and the touch control all come via the flat cable. These Waveshare displays work the same way as the official Raspberry Pi 7 inch display, so very easy to use them, there are no driver problems.

THANKS gilrain, you were really kind and explained how I can proceed… I’ll have to decide whether to modify the case I designed and printed with a 3D printer and put a bigger display like yours.

I started drawing the new front…

While waiting for the display to arrive, I use my Zynthian via VNC… :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

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The display that Gilrain recommended to me is beautiful … it works with the Webconf drivers “Pi 7 Touchscreen Display 800x480” but the touchscreen does not work … did I do something wrong?
Thank you

Did you try it with the original cable?

These are my settings, it’s rotated “upside down”:

I’m stupid… with your fingers it works… since it’s capacitive with the pen for resistive displays obviously not… sorry and thanks.
Thanks Gilrain…

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Thanks Gilrain!
I put the frame to print and then (I hope) it’s finally and definitively finished… :wink:


A really success case, congratulations! May i ask you to send the 3D design file?

Surely. I have already put them in another post but with the front for the Adafruit 2.8 display.
I’m not very experienced with Fusion360 so I don’t know if the attached file is ok, if you need the .STL files to handle them with Cura or Simplfy3D just let me know.
I am attaching. They will be trained for Fusion360.
Case ZYnthian.f3z (10.5 MB)

Thank you very much! I’m not experienced in 3D printing at all, I have to ask my colleague if he needs other files to print the case.

Then I’ll send you the .stl files that must be prepared with the Slicer software. just have your co-worker import the files, decide on the material and away you go. It takes some time to pick them out piece by piece, but I’ll send them to you shortly.

Your co-worker will need to get these inserts which are “punched” into the plastic using the tip of a hot soldering iron.
The inserts have these measurements: M3 x D5.0 x L4.0

Here are the .stl files…
File stl Case Zynthian.rar (175.2 KB)

Thank you very much!

You can have it printed in PETG or ABS, in both cases it is robust enough.
I’m here for anything.

I forgot the display frame… Here it is.
mascherina 4.3.stl (444.9 KB)

Finish!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :heartbeat:

Hi @Lanfranco !!

First of all, congratulations for your finished zynthian, mate!! I hope you enjoy with it. Well, it’s pretty clear you are enjoying a lot … jajaja!!!

Please, add your 3D printed case to the zynthian-case repository:

You simply fork the repository and add a directory (choose a name for your case, like “3DPrint-Lafranco”) with your files inside. Please, include the STL files. Then make a Pull Request and you will gain some fame and honor points by contributing to the project!

Thanks a lot!