Clean image - Boot error

I downloaded and burned the latest Aruk Buster with Etcher in Ubuntu. I installed the card and booted the Zynthian expecting a quick boot to the normal screen. Instead, The Zynthian logo finally came up with “ERROR” in red. That was displayed for about a second and then the normal logo screen displayed. However it took a long time and seemed to hang at the logo screen. I finally removed power and rebooted. Then the Zynthian seemed to boot normally. :thinking:

I connected via local and configured the wifi. It completed an update apparently successfully. Still, I’m not sure I trust it after that clunky initial startup.

What is the normal sequence starting from a fresh image? I can’t imagine the error is normal.

I’m running on a stock v3 Zynthian

I repeated the whole procedure.

On first boot with a clean image it displayed the red ERROR for about a second. It then displayed a normal boot logo for a while. It then went to a black display for a few seconds and the logo screen returned. I let it sit at the logo screen. About 4 minutes later it finally booted into a normal Zynthian screen.

Is that normal?


Thanks! Is that documented anywhere? I didn’t find it under

There really should be a “Booting a Clean Image” section on the bottom of that page.

I think, the error won’t show if you had the latest kit. But I am not sure, what the temporary error triggers.

I have the latest kit AFAIK. v3 identical to the photo on the website.

The first boot temporal error screen is totally normal. I will try to hide It for avoiding confussion.
What is not normal at all is the 4 minutes delay… It smells like a power supply problem.


I’m running it on a Samsung 2A supply that is well regulated. I’ve checked it with my USB Voltage meter.

I never see the bad power indicator with this supply.

I ordered a new 3A supply. I will test with that when it arrives.

It would be really nice if the “error” screen provided a little bit more information. As it is, I just upgraded a V3 kit that I built a year or two ago that was working fine to the new buster-lite stable image, and now I’m getting an ERROR screen permanently (it doesn’t go away even after 15 minutes). I can’t figure out why. It would be great if the error screen had some useful information on it. Ideally the actual cause of the error, but if not, then maybe a pointer to which logs to check, or maybe a dedicated “error screen troubleshooting” page on the wiki, with known problems that can be checked.

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Do you get webconf access and can you see the the gui log?

The Buster image has a newer default kit set in the webconf, so make sure you change that.

Sorry, I should have said, yes, I can access the webconf. I haven’t noticed a GUI log there… will check again.

This is most likely it. I will try soon.

Thank you @Baggypants, yep, setting it back to V2 worked.

I do think a general troubleshooting page on the wiki would be helpful, but I guess that depends on how often people have troubles like this.

There have been improvements in this area. The including of the ip address does at least allow you to point webconf or ssh at the zynth and from there there are well walked paths to pointers to the area of problem. we’ve got several people who jump in like @Baggypants, sadly I only ever jump in to go

p.s. if you’d like to put a brief description of the kind of page you’d expect to see that would be helpful as well.

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Basically, copy all of your very helpful answers here to a new page, and sort them in order of importance to check. And then add that URL ( ?) to the ERROR screen.


  • Can you log in to webconf
    • What if no? e.g. it doesn’t come up? lost password?
    • Can you access via ssh?
    • network troubleshooting advice?
  • Can you access the Logs?
    • What should I look for in the logs? A common list of errors to search for that might indicate a particular problem (e.g., if I had pasted my logs, what would you have looked for in them? How would the logs have told me that I had the wrong kit version selected?)
  • Hardware problems
    • What things need checking? What log messages related to specific hardware problems?

There are probably other things, but that would be a good start. I guess a quick search for ERROR screen threads would quickly show up a few more problems. But again, I realise that’s work, and depending on how common this scenario is, it may not be worth anyone’s while :slight_smile:

This subject has come up several times. I believe it would be beneficial for Zynthian to be more descriptive in its error page if it can be. I know that @jofemodo has previously said that it may not be evident why the error screen is shown but given the fact that we can describe the most likely cause (wrong configuration) it would certainly be beneficial to offer this advice in the error display. @naught101 might like to raise a feature request to this effect. (@jofemodo may be getting bored of the quantity of GitHub issues I raise!)