Clean image - Boot error

I downloaded and burned the latest Aruk Buster with Etcher in Ubuntu. I installed the card and booted the Zynthian expecting a quick boot to the normal screen. Instead, The Zynthian logo finally came up with “ERROR” in red. That was displayed for about a second and then the normal logo screen displayed. However it took a long time and seemed to hang at the logo screen. I finally removed power and rebooted. Then the Zynthian seemed to boot normally. :thinking:

I connected via local and configured the wifi. It completed an update apparently successfully. Still, I’m not sure I trust it after that clunky initial startup.

What is the normal sequence starting from a fresh image? I can’t imagine the error is normal.

I’m running on a stock v3 Zynthian

I repeated the whole procedure.

On first boot with a clean image it displayed the red ERROR for about a second. It then displayed a normal boot logo for a while. It then went to a black display for a few seconds and the logo screen returned. I let it sit at the logo screen. About 4 minutes later it finally booted into a normal Zynthian screen.

Is that normal?


Thanks! Is that documented anywhere? I didn’t find it under

There really should be a “Booting a Clean Image” section on the bottom of that page.

I think, the error won’t show if you had the latest kit. But I am not sure, what the temporary error triggers.

I have the latest kit AFAIK. v3 identical to the photo on the website.

The first boot temporal error screen is totally normal. I will try to hide It for avoiding confussion.
What is not normal at all is the 4 minutes delay… It smells like a power supply problem.


I’m running it on a Samsung 2A supply that is well regulated. I’ve checked it with my USB Voltage meter.

I never see the bad power indicator with this supply.

I ordered a new 3A supply. I will test with that when it arrives.