Clicking noise (screen issue ?) (partially solved)


I experimented some issue with the zynthian, when i plug it to my mixer BOSS BX-8, i have some clicking noise. Even worst, when nothing is plug to my mixer, i heard the clicking noises, the zynthian is just plug to electricity (i have a official power supply, it’s not coming from that)

When I untie the screen ribbon bus cable or when i bold press the select knob, no more clicks.
My solution is to load all my synth, tweak with it, and when I want to record the audio from my mixer, I just bold press the select button (it’s working, but it’s not a very good solution :slight_smile:)

Do you think the screen has an electricity problem? (i’m a noob :slight_smile:)

I read a topic with very similar syndrom @sadkermit :

I try to change something via terminal webconf. I typed “alsamixer” and i try to deactivate Auto Mute, but i don’t know how i can change option. do you know how i can put it off ?

By the way, I hope I haven’t changed anything by accident !
by default, the option for the DSP program is this?
because I may have changed it by accident.

A video with the clicking noises, and my config :

Thanks a lot !

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  • Try opening your zynthian and moving the audio harnesses. Perhaps some of the wires is taking too much noise from some other wire or component. Try to “hide” the wires avoiding the CPU and display …

  • Reduce the input gain level if it’s high.

  • It could be a “grounding” problem … difficult to say. Noise is a slippery problem!

What about the cables you are using for connecting to the mixer?


thanks for your quick answer !

  • I will try that, thanks, but i think it comes from the screen.
  • it’s already at the minimum
  • yeah, maybe, it comes from my mixer (too old :slight_smile: )

it does not come my cables, the screen does something electric that makes noise, even when nothing is wired to the mixer

what about automute option in alsamixer ?

Edit : it’s very strange because, like i say, when i bold press “select” to shutdown my zynthian, i can use my midi synth layers, whitout clicking noises, but when i go back to the ui, the noise comes back

video for better understanding:
When the screen is far away for the metal box or if it is unplugging, there are no clicks.
When i close the case, there are more and more clicks.
And like i say before, the strange thing is that when I bold press “select” to shutdown the zynthian, no more clicks. I play with my synth in “shutdown mode”, it’s working but it is not a very good solution.

Does it appear on audio recordings made with the zynth?

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No, it’s just happening when I plug it in my mixer. It’s come from jack plug or/and screen.

Maybe with tweaking alasmixer, something can be done ?
Like this topics ?

Edit : Maybe i made something wrong, i know it’s hard to see but something seems not ok to you ?

Please, try to drive the audio wires close to the case bottom …

I tried to put audio cables near to the bottom, as much as I could. Nothing changes.

BUT, I partially solved the problem : when I use the RCA connectors instead of Jacks, it works, I can’t hear the clicks anymore! what a relief!

I can’t use Jack connectors , but it’s ok for now, hope to find a solution someday.

How lucky I am to have the collector zynthian v4 with RCA connectors !! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :sweat_smile:

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I would dismantle the jack and see if it had contact with the case.
And change the jack of the OUT with the one of IN.

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Could you try with another mixer?

thanks @mheidt Changing the jack of the OUT with the one of IN, it’s a good way to know which jack is responsible of the noise. I will try that.
For now, I’m using RCA, I don’t want to open it again :sweat:

@jofemodo, I tested 3 mixers, BOSS BX-8, Yamaha MG10XU, TASCAM 424, results :

my favorite, 8 channels, 2 aux, ultra tiny, impossible to find something like that these days.

Result : Jack : hard clicks
RCA : no clicks

Yamaha mg10XU

Jack : no clicks at normal sound volume but when I increase the gain, clicks appear.
In a normal use you cannot heard clicks, i think, maybe on a big concert.
RCA : no clicks
headphone out : no cliks


Stranges results:
NO JACK NO RCA, just electricity : CLICKS
Jack : hard clicks
RCA : clicks
headphone out : hard clicks

Always, when I bold press select knob, in “shutdown mode” or when the screen is untie, the clicks disappear. when the screen is “ON”, when I tweak with knobs, or even when the text of a layer scrolls, clicks appear.

Result of my test : my room is a mess :sweat_smile:


Hi Tabula!

Thanks for the full report.
I don’t have problems with noise at normal gains in my 2 mixer desks (Yamaha & Behringer), and most of people don’t have it, but i have experimented this kind of problems with some zynthians, i don’t know why … I tend to think it’s a grounding problem, but it’s difficult to know. Normally the noise vanishes when moving the wires inside or taking care of having good grounding, good contact between case and connectors, etc.

Anyway, i’m working for improving this kind of problems on future kits very soon :wink:


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Some of us used to have to open the case to change the micro SSD . . .

That was lots of fun when hunting audio recorder problems . :smiley:


@wyleu i already opened the case for sure ! But i didn’t switch the audio input/output, my mistake.
Anyways, i don’t think it’s coming from that, even when nothing is plugged, or just rca, on tascam 424 i heard some noises ! But maybe I’m wrong ! I will try to rebuild my case in next few days.

Thanks for your answer, I’m always excited about zynthian !
About my problems, with my two old mixers, the noise problem is obvious.
With my recent yamaha mg10xu, the problem is not so obvious.
But if you want to see what i experimented, try this (It’s dangerous for your ears, and for your audios devices, so be prudent) :

  • Plug your zynthian by jack, put the gain very loud and your output too, don’t play with any synths, it will be too strong !
  • tweak with encoders, you may hear clicks. If you not, i’m very unlucky !

I think we have to focus on the screen, maybe it is not fully isolated, or it has a problem, or maybe i’m a noob, and i don’t understand a think :smiley:
Because when it’s off, noises disappear.

I have the same strange dob-dob-dob if zynthian just powered up and if i turn the knobs i hear these clicks.

My main setup is (only to record my Vinyls at the moment):
Turntable (Technics SL-J2) -> Tube Phono Preamp (LittleBear T11) -> Zynthian v4.1 -> BT Audio Transmitter -> BT Headphone (Sony MDR-1RBT)

To identify the noise source i have:

  • Zynthian powered up only but disconected
  • Turntable (Technics SL-J2) -> Tube Phono Preamp (LittleBear T11) -> Headphone Amp (Nobsound NS-08E) -> Headphone (Sony MDR-1RBT via cable)
    booth Amps on maximum volume


  • Zynthian in approx. 1 meter distance: dob-dob-dob
  • Zynthian in approx. 5 meter distance: nothing

If i disconnect the turntable cables (good ones!) at the Phono Preamp, the dob-dob-dob and clicks disappear.
I think the turntable cables work like an antenna.

As someone said, it comes from the screen.
I will try to shield the screen and the knobs with grounded copper foil or make an ground wire path between housing and all PCBs

PS: My only improvement when assembling the Zynthian was replacing the wires between the Hifiberry and the jacks with shielded audio cables (those that came with CD / DVD-ROM drives).


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