We need to talk about clocks, guys.

From a discussion in last week’s zynclub, I am now of the understanding that the zynth cannot be clocked by anything external?

I’m now working with my zynthian, a bunch of eurorack modules, a midicv interface (CV pal) and a beatstep (not pro). Zynface is almost there.

I can send midi from the zynth to the cvpal with a clock if I only do that. If any other midi in the zynth is used, that also gets sent to the cvpal and it breaks.

I can run the eurorack from an lfo or from the beatstep clock but that won’t sync with the pi yet.

How the heck am I going to get everything syncd though?

It’s an issue

As discussed last week, currently Zynthian does not chase MIDi click but that is on the wish list. It can send MIDI clock via a LV2 plugin but there is currently no way your route or filter individual outputs. That too is on the wish list. I don’t know how much had been done on CV / gate integration but maybe there is a way to trigger a gate from the sequencer then use it as a clock trigger pulse.

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A timing side-topic :
spink0 DIY eurorack CLK / RST generator for Ableton LINK
Which incorporates a Pi Zero W (4 years old)
" The Zero W connects to a wireless network and uses the Ableton Link protocol to share timing information across this network. It converts this digital data into the analogue square wave clock pulses that modular synths use for musical timing."


Unfortunately it has already met it’s untimely demise. Basically, abandoned now.

In addition, even with this device, there is no way to use it to keep time for the zynth. (As far as I know)


that guy is, in fact, now developing a rpi based module. you can see it on his instagram Login • Instagram