Cloudseed Open source Free WINDOWS ONLY awesome reverb

Such a sad love story
Free software but only for windows OH BUT Y.

There seems to be people trying to port the algorithm to JUCE so Maybe if it’s released we could hope for a zynthian compatible build? The thing is the reverb is HUUUUUUGE and delicious

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Looks good, in the meantime, have you tried the DragonFly reverb set? They are also very lovely.

It sounds really good! Somebody compiled it succesfully for arm

I don’t know if it’s available already on zynthian, (if so, sorry) but maybe we could make an install recipe and add it!

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Anyone got any examples …? :face_with_monocle:

DragonFly is already in the zynth, Here’s an example with DragonFly Plate


It’s available on the list :wink: