Cmajor Pro-54 (former Native Intruments Pro-53) as new zynthian engine

The Founder of Cmajor have ported and released the source code of Native Instruments Pro-53, and made it available as working example for their new programming language.

How difficult would it be to integrate Pro-54 as a new zynthian engine in the next releases?

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Someone would need to put in the effort to understand the framework, see how it works with jackd, test its overhead / system load, etc. Volunteers welcome!

Unlikely! We are concentrating on core stability and functionality. It is unlikely that new plugins will be developed, tested and intergrated but never say, “never”! If someone wants this to happen they can help to make it happen.

I can’t see a description of what Pro-53 actually is and what advantage it provides to Zynthian. With the limited developer effort we need to consider the benefit of any additions.


CMajor currently supports exporting to JUCE and CLAP. We need lv2. There is some kind of lv2 support in JUCE but I havn’t used both yet.

So, going from CMajor via JUCE-LV2 seems to be the only way and is the task to get it running on Zynthian (or wait until Zynthian supports CLAP or CMajor supports LV2).