Collection of Soundfonts


Hello Zynthians,

over the past weeks I did some search for SF2, SFZ and GIG Soundfonts for the Zynthian. Below you will find a download link for the collection. Folder structure (If it is too many folders deep the Soundfonds will not be recognized) and some sf2 files are optimized for the Zynthian to be readable.


Initially my intention was putting it on Github but about 11GB is too much for Github.
Please visit the links below and show the people behind the Soundfonts some love for their great work!

Rock on!


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: !!!

That is a massive collection. Thanks for putting the work in and making this available!!



Hi Martin,

wow! :sunglasses:

many thanks for your work! Now I now what I will do the next days, weeks, month, … :wink:

Regards, Holger


I can’t download due to quota overload…?


According to Google the quota is 10gb/30minutes - the download is 11gb so if you have a fast internet connection it may happen that you have to wait some minutes untill you can download the remaining 1gb.

If someone knows a better hoster please tell me.


Well, after 4 hours of waiting it resumed. At 68% now. Only alternative is torrent I think.

Did I tell you how awesome this is! And instead of complaining I should have said Thank you!



I never understood your feedback as a complain @Keeze101 :relaxed: its more like useful information: If that hoster is too slow maybe someone can recommend a faster one. Sadly I cannot host a torrent from home due to my Internet connection and my VPS has not enough hard disk space - so that is no option for me.