Community audio samples and new Zynthian website

Hi @zynthianers!

We are working in a new website for the Zynthian project. The current one is quite old now and it’s time for an update :wink:

I would like to include some audio demos in the website, so … the question is:

Anybody has some problem with this? I mean … if you have published an audio track in the forum and you don’t want your piece is used in the new website, please, simply tell me and i will exclude your pieces from the candidate list.

Anyway, i will share in this thread the list of selected tracks when it’s “more or less” closed.



OK! You are fantastic people!! :wink:

Some of the demos on the site will be released as songs on the 17th of march so at that point we should take out the original demo and link to spotify.

But let’s just do that later this month :slight_smile:


EpicEnteR by Roman Generalov

Bass Line 1: Dexed>ROM1B/31__BASS____3 + LS>SFZ/Synths/Saw Rez, MDA Detune
Bass Line 2: ZY>Collection/Overdrive 2
Lead 1: ZY>the mysterious bank/supersaw wihout release
Lead 2: ZY>Brass/Analog Brass 1
Arp Synth: ZY>Laba170bank/FatPatch
Brass: LS>SFZ/Brass/TrumpetSect/trumpets + Cubase VSTi
Keys: ZY>Fantasy/Rhodes Space2 + JV/Fluid Pianos>None/Default + Cubase VSTi
Snare: LS>SFZ/Drum Machines/SP 12 + JV/MVerb

add - sfx, drums one shots + loops, mixing (eq, comp, delay…) - Сubase…


Now that bounces along in a very nice way … :smiley:

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Uhhhhh! This brings to my mind some of the most crazy parties i remember … jejeje!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :grin:

Of course, i just add it to our “Sound Demos” on the wiki!!

Thanks a lot for sharing your work …


This sound great. Would be nice if the midi test could load a snapshot and play these samples as a demo

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That’s probably the most effective way of testing me have.

By the way, those demos would answer to a very common question I have seen related to the Zynthian : “how does it sound ?”
(Seriously, I have seen it already 3 or 4 times on french forums !)
Many people seem to have difficulties to understand that the Zynthian does not have its “own” sound, but at least this will help people to have an idea of what can be done with it :star_struck:



I hope the new website will solve this problem :wink:

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I’m in my house for two weeks … I will try to make some techno/trance demo on how it sound :slight_smile:

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From this minialbum, track 1, 2, 4 are zynthian based: track 2 and 4 actually Zynthian only :))

I can’t upload the wav’s as they’re too big but if you point me to a sharing service I gladly provide them for the website. Or I just send them by wetransfer to an email.