Compatible problem with Roli Rise?

Hi, I connect my Zynthian with Roli Rise via USB and it works normal with piano mode and single channel mode, but my problem is that when I turn Roli to multi channel mode, it makes the keys on my Roli go to different midi channel, it makes that hard to set up and some keys would change Zynthian box program! e.g. when I push a key on Roli and Zynthian box change to snapshot page.
So my problem is can I use Roli as it should be with some setup?

What does this multi channel mode do?
The Zynthian has a master channel.
On that channel you are able to control it like changing the program.
Maybe we need the option to turn it off.
Are you able to set it to channel 17, that does not exist?

Thanks for your reply.
For the multi channel mode, I think it works like if I press two keys on the keyboard, it would separate to two midi channel.When I change the parameter for one midi channel(which is just a up and down movement for Roli rise), it would not change the other channel.
I can not set it to channel 17or anything above 16.

Only 16 MIDI channels are defined by the MIDI protocol :wink:

The Roli MPE spec is outlined here:

It also says that global parameters, presumably including programme change, should be sent on channel 1.

There is also a big list of software that uses MPE, the only one that I recognised as open source was Vember Surge.

It might be possible to create an lv2 plugin that listens to all channels and can manage multiple instances of, say OB-Xd running one osc each, to provide a compatibility mode to none MPE softsynths. For the rpi you’d likely need to limit the polyphony though. channel 1 to all instances for global changes, then spin up 8 instances of OB-Xd, and multiplex channels 1 &9, 2&10, 3&12 etc, to their own instances.

Sure.i hoped for a bug to make a quick test.

This is MPE compatibility and i think that now that surge (kinda) runs on zynthian we could try and make this work. I have a seaboard and a lightpad from roli and i do use them in the desktop with surge.

I connect things with carla in the desktop, would it be possible to either:
a) create a mpe entry in the midi channel selection menu, and “classify” devices as mpe and make exclusive connections.
b) detect midi devices that are connected and be able to select them as input (kinda like the carla interface)

I really would like to be able to use my mpe instruments with zynthian and this would bring the proyect to many places as a standalone MPE compatible unit, maybe gather more interest and contributors

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Just a matter of interest. Does Zynthian have a mpe mode? I read this on various internetplatforms, but could not find any specific information on this or a verification.

I am thinking in lines of buying a Roli SEABOARD RISE 2.

Hi @SirAdrianFish2 !
Currently Zynthian doesn’t have MPE support. Please, could you point me the places where you read the opposite? It should be fixed.


Yes, certainly.

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I was led to the Zynthian specifically because of that list. I own a Seaboard Rise 2 and I wanted something, that would work without a PC and Equator2, because even though I have a reasonably beefy machine, working with midi through windows is rather glitchy and cumbersome. I tried to find other reviews and sources, but having owned my Zynthian for a week or so, you comment is the first time I have read that it does not support MPE.
Searching the wiki right now, I can see the only time “MPE” occurs is a comment on the Surge Synth engine, which, if I had looked for it, would also have led me to believe the Zynthian would support MPE.

Also, there were quite a lot of mentions of MPE on this forum, and my lack of experience and knowledge led me to conclude, that whatever issues there were, were not due to it not supporting MPE, but that it would require some fiddling to get it to work properly, See fx.

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I renamed this topic from:
Compatible problem with Roli Rise?
MPE Compatibility issues - Zynthian and Roli Rise. Linnstrument, Osmose etc

If the synth-engine-Zyngine supports MPE, eg Surge, couldn’t Zynthian ‘support’ MPE?

Long explanation of MPE

Briefly and very simply
The MPE controller sends notes sequentially by individual midi channels with additional data such as CC, pitchbend. The number of midi channels and their numbers can be set on the MPE controller, usually. So we can have a controller that transmits sequentially:

  • CH1 Note On 49 , Pitchbend 4700, CC#11 100 … and streams these variables to Note Off
  • CH2 Note On 52 , Pitchbend 5200, CC#11 117 … and streams these variables to Note Off
  • CH3 Note On 55 , Pitchbend 3100, CC#11 64 … and streams these variables to Note Off
    etc. Of course it’s in time so the length of the notes is different and the controller assigns free channels to the notes as needed

MPE Synthetizer has one instance that plays one selected preset on the specified midi channels. This creates a dynamic, surround sound… according to the authors of the PR articles. Which if each note has its own pitchbend and expression, it probably fits.

Zynthian does not fulfill the first sentence of the previous paragraph, not yet, that is, according to my unsubstantial opinion.

I have experience with something like pseudo MPE. Guitar with Fichman TriplePlay midi pickup and FC-1 pedal, which transmits the played notes and pitchbend on individual guitar strings on 6 midi channels. Zynthian then has 6 instances of the selected synth engine for these channels with the same preset, or fine-tuned so that each string plays with a different “color”.

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Hi @tunagenes !

I don’t think this is a good title as it could lead to more confusion. Zynthian doesn’t support MPE and it’s not planned in the short term. Of course, we have discussed the topic and we are slowly paving the way, but we are not there yet.

Please, change the title again. Zynthian doesn’t have MPE compatibility issues. Zynthian simply doesn’t support MPE at all It never did!

When MPE is supported, we will announce it and add it to the features list, etc.


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OK - I just changed it back to “Compatible problem with Roli Rise?” for now, as I was getting lost in thinking about how to phrase it for the question(s) I still want to ask about the possibilities of Zynthian stable, Oram, and Post-Oram with MPE controllers and Synths and (micro)DAWs.

I will ponder and read the article from Perfect Circuit that @ToFF kindly posted, maybe even visit them, and see if I can come up with useful topic name(s) and questions.