Config on raw raspberry pi

I’ve installed the latest image and got wifi connected (or ethernet) but cannot get an access to webconfig by any http address - .local or ip

what to do?

is that possible to use zynthian software with my own USB audio interface and touchscreen?

Yes, it is possible to use zynthian software with your own USB audio interface and touchscreen? You do need to get access to webconf so we can figure out what’s going on and change things.

If Zynthian has started up OK, you might be able to access webconf by typing:
from the browser on another machine on the local network via wifi or ethernet.

In some cases you need to find the IP address of the Zynthian - there’s directions on this in:

If you get stuck there are logs to look at that hopefully will help figure out what’s wrong. And there are other people here who know a lot more than me, but I’m hoping this info will help for starters.

Does the RPi have a display on it, and if so what kind?
What kind of usb audio interface do you have?

Both of these will be set via webconf once you get access to it. I have gotten Zynthian running with the v4 kit and also on a regular pi with the ‘official’ 7 inch touchscreen and several different usb interfaces, including behringer uca222 and several ‘noname’ interfaces.


i found what it was - raspberry imager pre-configured username is breaking the root zynthian symlink logics

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Welcome @tonyrewin to the family. We may be dysfunctional but we tend to be a friendly bunch. As you have discovered, Zynthian is hardcover to expect certain configurations. Although it sits on top of a fairly standard Debian OS we should consider it as an embedded device, not a general purpose OS. Well done for diagnosing the issue. Let this stand as a warning to others who may consider customising before getting a base system running!

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