Confused about how midi routes from external devices

I’ll preface this by saying my zynthian only arrived today. I’ve put it together and I’m testing it out. My assumption is, given you assign each layer a midi channel, that only a midi signal on that channel will trigger the syth assigned to that layer/channel. Right? So essentially each layer is a separate instrument played by a separate midi channel?

Well I’m finding that when I enter a layer, all the incoming midi channels go to that layer. I have a midi keyboard and a Sythstrom deluge, both of which you can assign the midi out to specific channels. Well every midi out signal plays the currently open layer, regardless of what channel the deluge or midi keyboard has been assigned.

Going through the web interfaces midi log is also interesting. It shows the midi signals, but the channel is simply the channel assigned to the currently active layer, not the input device. I can have the Deluge putting out midi on channel 1 and if I’m on a layer with channel 2 assigned, the midi log will show channel 2 signals. Then if I change the Zynthian to a layer with another midi channel assigned, the midi log starts showing that channel.

It’s totally possible I’m completely misinterpreting how this thing should work, so please correct me if that’s the case. But I’m pretty confused right now.

Oh and for clarification, I’m doing midi through USB.

You Can changé this behaviour in the ui, in the admin menu: “multitimbral” or “stage mode”

That seems to have done the trick. Thank you!

There’s one last trick to perform … :face_with_monocle:


I too have some confusion regarding MIDI.

This is the case. I have 3 midi devices, all connected via USB.
That are a Oxygen midi controller, a Roland Juno 106 and a Behringer Deepmind 12D
The Zynthian is on layer 1, midi 1 with a FluidPianos Yamaha. (sounds great, by the way)

In the webconfig tool, I programmed, just for the sake of testing and exploring:
MAP CH#0 NON#0:128 => CH#1 NON#0:128
MAP CH#0 NOFF#0:128 => CH#1 NOFF#0:128
MAP CH#0 NON#0:128 => CH#0 NON#0:128
MAP CH#0 NOFF#0:128 => CH#0 NOFF#0:128

Now I think that the keyboard (midi 0) wil send all its notes to channel 0 (fluidPiano) and 1 (DeepMind), but that is not what happens. When I set the Deepmind on midi 1, no notes come to it.

Also, the last two lines had to be added to hear the Yamaha.

With MIDI mappings CH#0 = Zynthian layer 1, which if I understand correctly is why you needed the second two lines, the first two were mapping to layer 2. Also, it should probably be 0:127 not 0:128, but that may or may not matter.

Also, I’m not sure about order of operation, but it looks like you are mapping the same two channels and notes on and off to two different channels, which is probably not what you want.

Edit: ugh, I have just re-read, I think I have misunderstood, apologies.

No worries gr0k. Thank you for your help.
Ik think, that the last two lines overrule the first two.