Connecting to zynthian from computer

Hi all I got back from a small tour and the Zynthian was in my mailbox !
Very excited to turn it on and what a wonderful machine it is thanks so much to @jofemodo for his help assembling it .
I had little trouble firing up a couple .
I am a jazz pianist . I have been pretty spoilt by using a computer with an RME interface and small buffers and high samplerates. I found the latency on the Zynthian kind of a deal killer for my situation. As a synth or effect box I wouldnt use it with the latency added by it.
I see the default sample rate and buffer are something like 44.1 and 256 samples.
I wondered what would happen if I try doubling the sample rate or half the buffer size.
I tried connecting to it using the “wifi hotspot” first. I turned the hotspot on using the device menu. Then I found the units IP address on the device and put it into the browser. No luck there. I tried zynthian.local in the chrome browser on the mac no luck there either. Then I scoured the house for an Ethernet RJ45 cable and luckily found a couple of old ones. After a bit of mucking around I was able to ssh in using

ssh root@zynthian.local 

Maybe I did something wrong with the wifi hotspot.

Did you connect the Zynthian hotspot using your computer?

The easiest way of connecting with your zynthian is using the local network (ethernet). Then, if you like, configure the WIFI.

You can use the WIFI hotspot, but then, you have to connect your computer to the hotspot and you would not have internet access unless you configure your computer to bridge the connection.

If you are using windows, it’s probable the local name doesn’t work (zynthian.local or zynthian.lan), so you have to take the IP from the zynthian (admin->network info).

All this is explained in greater detail in the zynthian wiki:



Not sure why the hotspot didnt fire up but the ethernet cable is working fine.
thanks for your help !!

The hot-spot can be tempromental on start up and certainly if you don’t provide Internet access via an alternative route using a second ip connection some devices particularly if Google is involved will revert to a WiFi connection with Internet. I have configured it in the back garden simply to be out of range of house WiFi…
Once it has bitten it seems OK but I always have an Ethernet cable and a USB Ethernet hub just to be absolutely sure. The problems, of turning up somewhere and conflicting in some way with the house WiFi is something that has occurred in the past. Make sure you are entirely self sufficient when out and about.

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