Control Audio-/Midi-Recoder with Korg nanoKontrol

I plan to control the aktive Channels in Zynthian via nanoKontrol.

And there are Transport-knobs.
But I do not know the MMC or Controller or Note Values for controlling Zynthian.

And: I need a field for “Volume” in the AudioRecorderArea.

Thanx for your work!

You should use MIDI-learning and assign some knob from your MIDI controller.


It works the other way round.
1/ You choose a function in the zynthian GUI,
2/ you then switch on learn mode . . . .
3/ You operate the control on the control surface (your nanoKontrol) and the two will be locked together.
4/ Save the snapshot so the mapping is stored.

You will be providing a sound sample at the end of this will you …? :face_with_monocle:

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I’m so sorry, but at admin/AudioRecprder/USB: “Song” I do not see a “volume”-window to execute the learn modus.

I can use the learn modus to control the volume knobs of the synth, but here I see none.

Of coarse, I will provide a short demo​:nerd_face::+1::rainbow:

It doesn’t exist such a “volume” control, sorry …
You should open a “Feature Request” from our task manager:



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