Copying sequences and snapshots

Very nice!

Just copied the Joe Jackson snapshot with the Sequencer sections across from one zynth to another.

Loaded it and …

It just works!

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Yes !
Surprisingly, sometimes, “theory” just work !

Well done @wyleu (the"castle explorer") @jofemodo @riban

I’m not sure this is a glowing endorsement of Zynthian - abject surprise that something works as designed. How very dare you!!!

Snapshots are a capture of the data model and should represent the full state of the Zynthian. (Well, the state that is important, not necessarily what screen you were on or the colour of .your title bar which are device specific configurations.) Storing and restoring a snapshot should work across Zynthian with the notable exception of significant routing differences, e.g. if you have a snapshot that routes to multiple outputs of a USB connected device then that will obviously struggle to translate to a standard Zynthian with two outputs.

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