Cpu usage with sound fonts


Zynthian is taking quite a lot of resources?

I tried a sound font of about 50mb and it it’s choppy and skipper and missing notes

Is this right and can someone else test a ignore soindfont


My Zynthians are working perfectly! Also with GB soundfonts like Salamander Grand Piano (linuxsampler).
Can you try to give more details about the problem? It’s consistent with all the soundfonts? LInuxsampler? Fluidsynth? Are you using the last Gorgona Next SD image? Can you take a look to the proccess table in Zynthian? You can use “top” command to see what process are consumming so much CPU.



I’ll check it later. I’m at work atm… Thanks for the info


It was with fluidsynth I thunk… I’ll check though


both samplers, linuxsampler and fluid sampler are making the same problems, sounds like polyphony issue, skipping and jumping

latest image

notice it only really happening in the samplers, not the synth engine

things I have connected to the zynth

Microsoft mouse,wireless
usb to midi convertor

rj45 lan
waveshare 3,2b

also is the next image have some problems updating through lan?


ive also tried my usb sound card with the same effects


Could there be a conflict between my hifiberry and my waveshare 3.2b


I have the same combination.
My max is 500mb. If I have xruns, turning down the expression helped


Is it possible to make the buffer bigger or give more resources to the dac


It would help if somebody could spend some time to get zynthian work on a non-raspi :wink:


I tired on my orange pi pc… I’m bad at programming… 2x I installed it and it got a lot of the way through… Even connected to my computer lan as zynthian… I’ll try again today tomorrow


Is there something on the audio setup on webui I can put for more uffer on the dac+