Crazy sound issue

Hi zynthian’s bros,

After many month of pure pleasure with my zynthian i’ve just had a problem after powering my zynthian.
My electricity hub made a glitch during 5 seconds (on,off,on,off…) and the zynthian did not appreciate it.
The sound of the zynthian became absolutely horrible, thousand pigs yelling… no matter wich instrument or if i reboot.
I’m concern about the hifiberry health…
All the knobs and fonctionnalities seems to work, only the sound at the outpout became a disaster…
What do you think of all that crap? =)

Do you get the noise if you make a recording with the audio recorder?

Thank you for your help wyleu, i’ll try to make an audio record this afternoon and i’ll let you in touch!
What it meens if audio records the shitty noise? Does it meens the dead of hifiberry?

If the internal recording is okay then it points to an audio output issue, possibly hardware / soundcard related. If the internal recording is bad then it points to Zynthian process, maybe a RPi hardware issue or software. In either case it may be beneficial to create a new uSD image.

But anyway if the soundcard is hurt it will be the same result. I meen, if i make an audio record it will going throught the hiffiberry when i’ll listen it.
And yes I’ll flash a fresh image on sd card, even if this crappy sound full of artefacts makes me think about hardware trouble.
I got another pi 3 at home, i’ll be able to make some test to be sure of who’s messing with my baby.

No. The audio recording is taken directly from the output of the jack audio process, so it does not go near the sound card. That’s the beauty of this test. You can then use the webconf captures menu to download the sound files produced by the recorder. As @riban says if these hve noise, the problem is zynthian software, ifnot it’s a hifiberry card issue. IF you have a usb audio card you could substitute that for your sound card and prove the location of the fault that way.

Power supply is the answer to an awful lot of problems …

Ok it’s becoming clear for me thank you guys =)
Yes I got a usb microphone with audio card inside (samson g track).

look up yeti in the search box to see some solutions for usb microphones solutions.

From a shady reason the problem is no longer a problem =) all the sounds are back without any action needed !
Anyway thank you guys for your quick answers, i can now continue to live looping with my zynthian and my rc505.

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Excellent!! It’s good to discover!!!

…Now … :face_with_monocle:

I’ll share some livelooping with the community for sure.
Just need few more night praticing with the rc505 recently reveived =)