CUIA commands or How to Emulate the Enter Key

I’m working in a Stream Deck implementation for the zynthian to be able to control the UI. It’s working with CUIA but now I’m stuck in such a stupid thing. I can’t find the equivalent of Enter when I browse the menu. Select only seems to select but not let me go forward. And it’s making me go insane. Been trying to do it emulating the rotary as well…

He he! This is a common issue and one I answered just a few days ago!

It may be simplest to emulate the encoders and switches directly with CUIAs:


ZYNPOT 0,-1 for first encoder nudge down
ZYNPOT 0,+1 for first encoder nudge up
ZYNPOT 1,-1 for second encoder nudge down


Thanks! I still have some issues with which buttons work and which are not. But at least this one works now!

Been trying to find how other people have made their own solutions and use those and I guess I will have to keep looking.

Will also share the code as soon as it’s stable. The idea is to be able to change the button mapping in a google sheet and be able to download that directly to zynthian when needed.

Hi @davidguva welcome.
It looks fun, but I’m not sure to get it right.
So please tell me if I"m wrong: are you trying to program some software for the SteamDeck that will control a Zynthian box through CUIA calls with SteamDeck Buttons/display as physical user interface ?

in Webconf it would be useful to add the MIDI note number on diagram

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Yes it would! Raise a feature request.


Yes exactly. With a simple function to update the buttons from a google sheet to be able to do it headless.