Custom Build w/o Kit, Encoders half/double Speed


i am building a Custom zynthian without kit.
The Encoders go directly to GPIO like the prototype and all are working.
But i have to turn 2 steps to get 1 increment/decrement in zynthian.

I have seen this behaviour using this type of encoder on other platforms like arduino, the library i am using there has a “half-step” option, which solves this issue. Is there a similar flag or option somewhere to find in zynthian?


Hi, welcome.
I can’t tell you how to solve your issue, but if you’ve got some programming experience, you should look at the zyncoder library, it’s the one that manage zynthian’s encoders on top of the wiringPi library:

thx -at first glance this define looks promising.


Can i compile the package on the zynthian itself ? i asume the disk image does not directly include the source files, right?

You’ll find the code on your zynthian box in /zynthian/zyncoder directory

i changed ZYNCODER_TICKS_PER_RETENT to 2 and this kind of helped - i indeed then can change the values with a single step but it creates a follow up error that after changing the value of an second encoder, the first one i changed gets “stuck” in the interface and the value does not change in any direction. It does work again, after i leave and re-enter the same menu.
Looks like it is not worth the hassle going deeper - i will look into it but it might be easier to use encoders that are “proofed” for zynthian.

tnx again!

Just to let you know that your changes can be overwitten during software update (from the webconf Software->Update).
You are encouraged to do so (the software update) if you want to play with the freshly backed ZynStep sequencer.
Have fun :zynthianic:

I think my screen is way to small to use the sequencer but thanks for the info. i already noticed /etc/modules get overwritten with every gui change but not a problem.