Custom Wiring Profiles

Hi @zynthianers!

I just implemented a mechanism for managing the Wiring Layout I/O mapping:

  • Custom Switches
  • Analog Input
  • Analog Output
  • Distance Sensors

You will find the “Custom Wiring Profiles” inside the “Wiring Layout” tab, on webconf. I’ve added some default maps:

  • v4 stage: the current default configuration for V4’s custom buttons: MIDI Program Change from 0 to 3 (1 to 4, if you count from 1).

    • button1: MIDI Program Change 0
    • button2: MIDI Program Change 1
    • button3: MIDI Program Change 2
    • button4: MIDI Program Change 3
  • v4 studio: configure the V4’s custom buttons for fast accessing mixer, stepseq, recorder, etc.

    • short-button1: Audio Mixer
    • bold-button1: Audio Levels
    • short-button2: Stepseq (last visited screen from Stepseq)
    • bold-button2: Zynpad
    • short-button3: Audio Recorder
    • bold-button3: MIDI recorder
    • short-button4: All Notes Off
    • bold-button4: All Sounds Off
    • long-button1-4: All Sounds Off
  • v4 arrows: similar to “studio” but the last 2 buttons are configured as arrows for going up and down on the controller screen list.

    • short-button1: Stepseq (last visited screen from Stepseq)
    • bold-button1: Zynpad
    • short-button2: Audio Recorder
    • bold-button2: MIDI recorder
    • short-button3: Next
    • bold-button3: Next
    • short-button4: Previous
    • bold-button4: Previous
    • long-button1-4: All Sounds Off
  • z2_v1: A complex mapping for an experimental device :innocent:

Anyway, you can create and save your own mappings, including zynface and other custom layouts.

You know, update on testing and enjoy!! :wink:


This is a wonderful level of abstraction!

In an effort to, almost instantly, make a slight change, I have.

I now have Audio Record Toggle on button 3 ! A new standard.

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Not working for me:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/zynthian/config/wiring-profiles'

Something went wrong with your update. Update again and check the logs.


If you’re wondering what “bold push” is (from the User Guide):

There are 3 types of clicks (push actions) that can be
performed, depending on how long you hold down the knob
(or hold your finger on the touch-display).

  Short click: Less than 0.3 seconds
  Bold click: Between 0.3 and 2 seconds
  Long click: More than 2 seconds (until the long-action is triggered!)

It mentions knobs and the touch screen, but apparently this applies to the buttons too.

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Thanks @teknico !

I changed the text a little bit. I hope it’s better now :wink:


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That is all i can think about now :wink:

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Any plans for Digital Inputs and Outputs?
Some of us have 8 switches and 8 LED’s hung on a digital i/o port and I don’t doubt, down under ukulele bridge, other plans are afoot.