CV & Gate Beta PCB!

Hang on folks,

the next days I will assemble the PCB that @jofemodo sent me.
Havent found the time yet.
Lockdown crises and winter hits me. :frowning:

I should do the wiki for it.
So documentation and photos.
Someone willing to help me and look over the text.
I am not nativ english speaking so we could correct what isn’t understandable when
it starts to get denglish (German English)


Absolutely! Write something and I am happy to review.



first i have to clean the working desk up from the collected and not finished yet gear.
take the pictures from unpacking.
put the pcb together.
so probably within the next 7 days I would be ready with all I hope if the world didn’t fly into blackholes before…:slight_smile:

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I have also got the CV and gate board. More than happy to help review and contribute to the wiki.when I get to testing it.

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You are fantastic, @guys!!

Thanks a lot for helping me with the beta testing and documentation of the ZynFace!!
Of course, i would contribute too :grin:

FYI, currently i’m working for having the CV-OUT ready before starting to sell the kits.

that’s what we have talked about in our first conversation we had @jofemodo .

and of course…there is nothing on the market like that.
for zynthian I can say it was even my best buy in 2019/2020.
my only apprehension was that zynthian was not that deep at that time.
but already a its getting a real monster for that amount of money what you can do with it.
time to tell perhaps the rest of the world of it.
most people I met never heard about it.
and even the community. fat hugh fellows.

and fat muchas gracias to @jofemodo for invention and short way bugfixing.
I wish big companies would treat their products like this.
incredible astounding.
must be something about a++