DAC - Teradak ES9023


A newbie here. I have this DAC time ago and i would like to know if there is any experience with it.
I haven’t test it yet.
The maker claims: "This board can support to 192K 24BIT can be connected with a synchronous / asynchronous clock"

This kind of quality sound would be impresive.

This is more a problem how to connect the I2S bus to the Raspi and if the ESS9023 codec is supported by Linux/Minibian.

I have the same “problem” with a Waveshare UDA1380 board… Will try my board if I can find some time…

Let me know if you have some news!

What I have read: A Raspi has no MCLK signal, so you should have an oscillator onboard… But this is only my solid half-knowledge of the whole thing…

Regards, Holger

here a guy connect a ES9023 to a raspberry pi B to P5 i2s with this schema:

The connection between ES9023 board and RPi P5 socket should look like:

Orange : MCLK -> nc (ES9023 is in asynchronous mode)
Yellow : GND -> 7
White : DATA -> 6
Red : LRCK -> 4
Black : BCK -> 3
Power 5V (Red wire) -> 1
Power GND (Black wire) -> nc

nc – not connected


Someone knows how to translate this connections to Rpi 3 ?

For the Pi3 you may need:

Pin 40 (GPIO 21): I2SDOUT
Pin 38 (GPIO 20): I2SDIN
Pin 35 (GPIO 19): LRCLK
Pin 12 (GPIO 18): BCLK

see RPi3 GPIO map

[EDIT: Exchanged wrong information for BCLK (changed GPIO number and pin number - sorry)