Dec, 2./3. 2017: Mini-Maker-Faire @ Conrad Drone Champions League (Station Berlin)

Hi all,

at 2./3.12.2017 there will be a Mini-Maker-Faire in Berlin. Lars and I have registered for MMF and we are waiting for confirmation.

Regards, Holger


Great @C0d3man!

I really love Lars & you!!
It will be difficult for me to be there. Did i tell you that we are growing up the family? :wink:
Anyway, i will send you one of the new Zynthian Kits v2 for showcasing it :sunglasses:

Kind Regards,


Hey, making noise is our favorite thing to do all the day :notes::control_knobs::man_dancing:

Ok, that a good reason for not coming to Berlin… it’s accepted for this time :wink:

Yeah - that would be really cool!

But at least we have to wait if we will be accepted or not…

Regards, Holger

You will be accepted for sure. Anyway, i think you will enjoy building the Kit2 :wink:

Ok - now it’s official: Zynthian is taking part at


Regards, Holger


Super good news, Mr. Wirtz!
I have a new “flyer” design… perhaps you want to use it :wink:

flyer_mfbcn17_back.pdf (17.9 KB)
flyer_mfbcn17_front3.pdf (3.3 MB)

I have to udpate the photo with the new Kit2. I will try to send you an updated design in the next days, if not, this one would be OK.



Many thanks!!! Of course I will use it! Printer is already running… :grinning:

Hi all from Mini -Maker-Faire,

we have lots of pepole asking questions and are really interested in Zynthian. Also Open-Theremin
triggering a Zynthian is a very nice show for everyone.


Here are some addidtional impressions from MMF Berlin. This was a Mini-Maker-Faire organized by a big german distributor for electronic components. The main event was DCL - a championship for drohne pilots.

Lars, Gary-Kent (one of the pilots) and I at Zynthian booth

Cable chaos at the back of the Amp- and Synth-Rack

Lars while setting up one of three Zynthians

The first audience of maker-neighbors. Daniel (in the middle) may help in producing Zynthian fan shirts… he is the boss of I-AM-OK

That’s one of the bigger quadcopters… 4 times 20 PS engines… one rotor diameter is about 1m(!) - but they were not allowed to demonstrate this :neutral_face:

An Open-Theremin from Urs is triggering a Zynthian via MIDI.

And the Theremin again.

It was really nice to be there and we had lots of fun. Now I am (personally) brain-dead and need some vacation.

Regards, Holger


You are great, Holger & Company!! Thanks for your huge effort and contribution to this project!! :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

I hope to see you very soon … and take a big heffe-wiess-beer with you!! :yum:

Huge Hug!!