Demo video


As the member of the team who is trying to document this thing, I think it is time for a new instructional video on how to use all the new features of the Zynthian.
I know that may seem overwhelming, but there are so many great things in there that people just don’t know about. Including me.
I have some ideas to make it easier to create a video. Or several.

The first step might be to make a checklist of the features that should be demonstrated.
Please help out by replying with the features you think should be in a training video.


Layer List
Layer Options
Engine List
Preset List
Controller List

For starters … :smiley:

Do we window in the control panel of the zynth?

For the GUI an explanation of display/hardware/audio config.

It’s worth doing one on the audio export process . . .

Audio Record -> USB-> webconf -> PC download


Hi @gmeader!

Sorry for the delay in my response. I’m very interested in creating instructional videos. I would like to create a series of small video-pills of 1 minute showing the main features of zynthian.

This could be an initial (and incomplete) list:

  1. Basic Workflow: Create layers, control screen, etc.
  2. Working with Layers: Clone, Transpose, Delete
  3. MIDI-Learning
  4. Snapshots: Save/Load
  5. MOD-UI
  6. Routing Audio to MOD-UI
  7. Panic Button: All Notes Off / All Sounds Off
  8. X-Y Touch-Controller
  9. Webconf 1: MIDI options
  10. Webconf 1: MIDI rules
  11. etc.

Let’s go forward with the first one … :wink:

Kind Regards,


Sounds great. Short videos are perfect.
These 10 topics would be very useful to offer to new users and prospective customers.

I also think brief tutorials on using some of the built-in engines would be good. Perhaps some of our expert users could also make some short tutorial videos of the basics on how to use ZynAddSubFX, FluidSynth, SetBfree and LinuxSampler. I’m willing to help discuss

Do you feel comfortable making the first video yourself? The demo video on the website is very good.
I’ll help edit the raw video, add titles or whatever else is needed, if you like – so that you don’t have to spend too much time creating videos.
I don’t have a real Zynthian yet, just a bare RaspberryPi & touchscreen.
When I get the money to order a complete kit, I’ll be able to record some videos too.