Demo Zaquencer + 2 Zynthian Boxes (sound from tablet mic)


Here we go with a little demo with Zaquencer and two Zynthian Boxes in @jofemodo’s studio.
Sound is not the best, it’s from the tablet’s mic :blush:

Enjoy! :grin:


Hi @vande,

Thanks for sharing your Zynthian sound tests.

Regards, Jose

Very nice demo …i like it!!!

Thanks for sharing @vande @jofemodo!
Can you explain more about the sound setup of the Zynthians (engines/sounds)?

Thanks, Holger

FIrst of all, i’m using 2 zynthians because the current limitation for running only one engine at once. I could prepare a Carla/MOD patch, but i’ve problems running LinuxSampler as LV2 plugin, so i prefer to do it in that way. I hope to remove the “only one engine at once” limitation very soon :wink:

The black zynthian runs ZynAddSubFX with this setup:

  • chan#1 => net-wisdom/Vangelis Saw - C
  • chan#2 => Drum/Drum Kit 1
  • chan#3 => Bass/Bass 3 analog, with portamento enabled
  • chan#4 => Collection/Metal Drips

The raw metal zynthian runs LinuxSampler with this simple setup:

  • chan#1 => SFZ/DSK -Drums Machines/Roland TR808

As sequencer i’m using my new Zaquencer: a Behringer BCR2000 MIDI controller hacked using this firmware:

It’s a 32 steps sequencer, 4 tracks, with a lot of cool features. With it, i’m sequencing the channels 2,3,4 in the zynthian black and the channel 1 in the raw metal zynthian. The channel 1 in the black zynthian is reserved for playing with my tiny LPK25 mini-keyboard.

And that’s all. We will try to upload more video demos, with better sound quality, in the next days :wink:

Best Regards!

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Hi @jofemodo, @vande,
very cool piece of music!!! It sounds good, although the recording was done by a tablet, so it would be nice to hear a record from the mixer!
I have a BCR2000 too but using it as mixer :smiley:, never thought it could be a sequenzer :thumbsup:
As sequencer I am using a PC with Reaper, it is cheap and awesome, so if you want more steps you may try it.

Best Regards

Hi @StoneTMoN

I am also a Reaper user :blush:

Regards, Holger

Hi @StoneTMoN!

I will try to make a better video with HQ sound in the next weeks :wink:
Also, if you have a BCR2000, you can test the Zaquencer firmware. There is a limited demo version:

It’s really easy to install and you can re-install the original firmware when you want.

Best Regards!

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