Desktop-Style UI?

Is there a way to use Zynthian like an actual computer? Like with a keyboard and mouse? I got the kit with the knobs and touchscreen, but they either work poorly or not at all, so I’ve been using a wireless keyboard/touchpad to get around. I can navigate for the most part, but editing parameters is a pain and a half.

Stick a raspbian image in it… I do it all the time when I’m building stuff.

just plug an usb keyboard (and mouse) then have a look here

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Can you tell us more ?

How would I do that? Just image both ZynthianOS and Rasbpian to the SD card?

The knobs/buttons don’t respond at all. I tried plugging each one into each of the ports, but nothing happens. The touchscreen I think got damaged as I installed it into the case, so it’ll act weird depending on where I touch it.

That’s what I’d been using, but I don’t know how to make it edit the parameters you’d normally use the knobs for.

klick on the link in my previous message :laughing:

It says how to emulate pressing the buttons, but it doesn’t say anything about turning the knobs.

It has been implemented but the wiki wasn’t updated.
Go in webconf:Interface=>UI key bindings you’ll find the keybindings and will be able to modify them if you need to.

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I’ve just done it !