Devastated Romagna 😶

The devastated Romagna resists and works with the help of us Italian volunteers but also with the volunteers who have come from Germany and other countries… Thank you


Yes, great people in a beautiful land. Unfortunately, i think we have to expect more floods like this in the future. :disappointed:


Surely, at least until the rivers are cleaned up. Another thing I discovered going to those places… I was about to register as a volunteer on the sites of the various municipalities (Forlí and Faenza which are the municipalities where there are the most problems now), then I discovered that the volunteers who register they are sent to the city center to clean what has already been cleaned… … while there are elderly people who have not yet seen anyone. Yesterday, thanks to Facebook (which I don’t use but the person who was with me does) we reached a lady who lived on the second floor with her dog and had nothing to eat. We brought food and water for her and her dog and then scrubbed mud for 8 hours. Now the internet and cellular network are working and therefore it can be connected for future help. I’m back home but I’m coming down next week with more food. A disaster…