DIFM for now

Stands for “do it for me.”

I love the zynthian. I am a linux user at work all and at home so it is mostly familiar. I opened hundreds of tabs in chrome googling about SBCs and other previously unknown things.

I was amazed by the sound of pianoteq playing my suzuki songbook.

But i dont like the clicks and pops playing the pianoteq. And i realized that, like the time i was caught up in a riptide at midnight in large surf off pacific Mexico, the lights of shore suddenly seem far away

I could trouble shoot the issue, but i could also go back to running the piano vst on my surface pro hooked up to a focusright scarlett 2i2. One is not better, and i dont approve of windows 10, but last week i spent many hours building googling and otherwise DIYing zynthian and other tools. I should have been practicing piano or writing music.

I will be back for zynthian on snapdragon 820 not building it myself. Or when zynthian releases a linux audio workstation where i can run bitwig or reaper and vsts at 3ms latency with no mac or windows crud. I will pay for it all with money because my time is lke rain.

If i get any cool synth software compiled for arm i will post here.

It’s good isn’t it? :smiley:

I don’t have it myself but I suspect when we shift out the Yamaha half grand back to it’s rightful owner I will end up pairing pianoteq on zynth up with the hifiberry amp to replace it.

althou’ as a piece of partner approved furniture It will take a lot of equaling!

Do you have a wav file that demonstrates the effect? The fact you believe you are getting them is obviously not what’s wanted but from our perspective we can’t just address this without something to post-mortem?
The very fact that the pianoteq is available is in some ways an endorsement of the overall technical idea so we (and they) have an interest in getting to the bottom of the issue.

I doubt this is actually wasted time. If the zynthian has allowed a different perspective on an area of musical endevour then great! it is not knowledge one can forget! :smiley:

Sorry. Could you post something?, it’s always interesting to hear people’s compositions

I laudable objective! :smiley:

Always gratefully received! We do seem to end up being an bit of a cross roads !

no time was wasted I have learned a lot. if one is technically minded it is easy to meander down paths adjacent and adjoining the romantic one of the instrumentalist untroubled by bits and bytes

i do get pretty low latency on my surface pro its just at great cost to my soul coprocessor

Hi @gminorcoles!!

My Pianoteq experience with Zynthian doesn’t include those “pops & clicks” you talk about. I would like to know where the problem is for solving it for you and other people …

Please, could you especify your Zynthian setup and the way you use it? For instance:

  • Are you using the default jackd parameterse or you have customized?
  • Are you using the default Zynthian’s Pianoteq adjustments or you have changed something?
  • What specific instruments do you use?
  • Do you make an intensive use of sustain pedal?
  • What kind of pieces you play? What is your “level” as a piano player?


I am in NYC and the zynthian stubbornly is at home. My setup is very default right out of the kit. Perhaps it’s the power supply? A better 5.2v psu only arrived on Thursday and I didn’t have a chance to test it.

I experienced the same. 5inch USB powered display, Audioinjector Ultra. 3Amp and 48k didn’t work. I bought 6A and went down to 24k.
Sound isn’t as good but good enough for practicing. On stage it will be a MP 7 SE anyways.