DIN Midi in/out at v4.1 hardware rev


I have a problem, that the DIN Midi in and out is not working with my 4.1 hardware set. Midi thru is working (Midi in is send on Midi thru).
The Leds goes on, when I attach a Midi device (in, thru not at full, when a note is played, then the Led goes to full. out full allways constant).
No info about Midi in in any Midi log.

Is there a schematic from the new 4.1 zynaptic board, so I can have a look at the signals with my osci?

Any other ideas?

I have made a new install today with the latest build today and with the latest stable.

Thanks for any help, Andy

MIDI circuits because hey are current based can be difficult to fault find with an oscilloscope.
The two main zynth midi problems are polarity ( the wires are the wrong way round) and the LED not being in the circuit cos it;'s an essential component if it’s enabled.

have a look at the wiki

I second @wyleu regarding polarity problems


thanks for the hints. After hours of mesure and analyze, I found the problem. I had a shortcut to ground on GPIO 14+15 (serial ports). This was caused from a bad wiring myself. I had the ground wires from the audio inputs one pinrow to far. So the inputs pulled the GPIO 14+15 (serial ports) to ground.

Now its working.

Thanks, Andy


Excellent! You do, of course knows what this means…? :face_with_monocle: