Directly Adding/Renaming Dexed Presets

Good evening — I am a RasPi beginner in the process of wrapping my mind around this deep and wonderful instrument.
I have been focusing mainly on Dexed and have been importing my very large collection of Dexed banks and presets via zynthian.local
Everything has been working so far, but is there a way, aside from the Library > Presets utility, to directly access the presets folder so that I can add/rename banks and presets more effectively?

Thank you so much for your help,

Hi @hisswave! Welcome to a world of fun where there is usually a friendly face to help you and certainly no lack of camaraderie.

If you are using the current stable version of Zynthian then modification of presets is not implemented but there is a new release due soon which has this feature implemented. You say you are a beginner but don’t let that stop you from switching to the Staging version of Zynthian. It will give you access to all the new stuff (and it is quite a change), allow you to be familiar with the near future (avoid relearning in a couple of weeks) and help us by testing it works fine. It is very nearly baked so shouldn’t have any (many) major issues.


You can try an ftp manager like Filezilla for example. You will be able to access the lv2 presets folder.

Protocol: SFTP
Host: zynthian.local port 22
password: raspberry

But I don’t quite understand how lv2 presets work, you always have a ‘manifest.ttl’ file in each folder.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to rename it directly from here.

Using webconf (the web interface), transform your .sxy, fxp, etc directly in lv2 presets. Maybe it’s best to rename your presets before uploading them to your zynthian.

Edit : i didn’t see riban’s message, but effectively in the new staging version, you can edit Bank names and presets directly from the zynthian

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Thank you so much for your response — I switched to the Staging version yesterday and have been familiarizing myself with the workflow.
Absolutely loving it so far.

Thank you so much for these instructions!
I had never used an ftp manager and am planning to spend some time figuring out the process you described later on today.
I tried (and failed) to figure it out myself the other day using the Zynthian Wiki, and I think you clarified some things. Thanks again!

Feel free to write up instructions if you achieve something you think is worthy of recording…

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Bullet points on preset manipulation:

  • Save the current configuration as a new preset
    • Bold press SELECT in the control or mixer view
    • Highlight the instrument or plugin
    • Short press SELECT to show options
    • Select “Save Preset”
    • Select the bank or create a new one (naming it with onscreen keyboard)
    • Name the new preset with onscreen keyboard
  • Renaming exiting preset
    • Access the presets list, e.g. short press BACK from control view
    • Bold press SELECT to show options
    • Select “Rename”
    • Use onscreen keyboard to rename preset
  • Delete an existing preset
    • Access the presets list, e.g. short press BACK from control view
    • Bold press SELECT to show options
    • Select “Delete”
    • Confirm deletion

Similar actions are available for bank management. Not all engines currently support preset / bank management from within the UI. All JALV plugins should work.


Many thanks!

@Tabula @riban
Good morning, all!
I was able to successfully carry out the steps you suggested, but I am still experiencing significant issues with importing patches. Regardless of the approach I take (SYZ > LV2 using the webconf conversion tool, directly importing LV2 patches via FileZilla), patches do make it into the Pi storage, but rarely/inconsistently make it into the patch list in the Zynthian.
This also occurs when installing additional patches from the search function included in webconf.
I should also mention that I have updated Zynthian to the latest firmware – might you have insight about what is going on?

Hi @hisswave !

After adding new LV2 presets you ALWAYS have to click the “search for new plugins and presets” button from the LV2 tab. I now it’s tedious, but until we have a better solution, this is the only way.


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Good evening @jofemodo and all!
As suggested, I did the ‘Search for new plugins & presets’ command with: (1) patches installed via ‘Search Musical Artifacts’ and (2) patches imported via ‘Upload’.
While the ~5,000 patches are now showing up in the memory (per FileZilla), they are not populating in the Dexed patch list. Do you have any sense of what could be going wrong?
Thank you so much for your continued help.