Disable all MIDI auto routing / auto connecting?

I am having problems with the way how Zynthian automatically connects all MIDI ports. One of the biggest problem is that this leads to mod-ui getting double or more clock pulses so that external BPM sync is completely broken. This happens even with all MIDI ports disabled in Zynthians MIDI options. Is there a way to completely disable this kind of autoconnecting so that I can use QjackCtl to manage all MIDI connections ? I have already disabled raw jack MIDI as this does not work well with USB MIDI devices.

I’ll leave @jofemodo to give a full response but be aware that the current implementation of MIDI clock is due to change. Currently it does feed everything and is required for the step sequencer but the next iteration will remove this dependency. This might not fix your issue but worth remembering.

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Thanks for the quick response. Is there a quick way to disable the autoconnecting (disable service, change config file etc.) ? I am happy to set up a Qjackctl patchbay that takes care of all connections. Specially as QjackCtl is hotpluggable what means USB devices will be automatically connected without reboot.

Hi @catherder!

The autoconnector is a core part of zynthian and can’t be disabled easily.
It normally works OK for most of people, but there is a lot of room for improving. Please, open an issue on the tracking system, describe your setup, your problem, and, If you have it, your proposal for solving it.


This would be indeed very useful for MPE use cases, that is more and more found itself implemented into different synths. In our case Surge is MPE compatible, and making that work with Zynthian well would mean that the Zynthian would be the standalone MPE compatible “hardware softsynth” or standalone softsynth ( I really don’t know if that is a thing or how to call it).

The main point here is that there are a lot of MPE controllers, and only a comparatively small amount of MPE standalone hardware synths, this could be untapped potential for the Zynthian, and this same use case attracted attention over another open source hardware DSP proyect i used to be involved with, axoloti.