Disable / freeze MIDI learn?

Hmm… I suspect the actual piece of pipe is long gone as the recordings were done over 15 years ago. Said piece of pipe had come from a shower that I was replacing, and it had a brass fitting on one end that worked remarkably well as a mouthpiece. After a “brief” musical interlude the new shower eventually got installed…

I have a tin whistle sound font of similar heritage, but sadly seem to have lost the drum kit sf2 that was made by recording anything other than drums (a suitcase, pot lid, jar of marbles and hard disk platter were some of the sound sources). It had a nice grungy lo-fi tone to it :slight_smile:

Here’s a random picture of pipe stolen from the interwebs that bears at least some resemblance to the musical shower scrap…


I can’t resist blowing down or across a pipe whilst doing a spot of DIY. You invariably end up with something nasty on your lips but the thrill or annoying anyone near you with a rendition of “In The Mood” on an impromptu trumpet is worth it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels the urge to make musical noises from things that aren’t supposed to be instruments. Best not to say how many times I’ve cut my lip on a sharp edged piece of pipe :smirk:


What can i say as a percussionist? I never could study my exams on the school library … :cry:

Take away his pencils and he can concentrate a lot better :pencil2: :pencil2: :drum:.

Not enough. My fingers sound really nice on any surface :rofl:
(@wyleu , it’s your turn to suggest something to do with my fingers)

Code parameter modification from CUIA :roll_eyes:

Other than that, Perhaps we can all gather together in our various locations, turn towards Clacton in England and make some form of vaguely obscene gesture.?Obviously synchronized by atomic clock linked zynthians. . .

Now satisfying as such a moment of concerted rudeness would be, we could only really sustain our enjoyment for a month or two, so perhaps we need to start looking at the planning of the zynthian moot where us zynthities can gather together . . .


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I don’t think we have a task for that in our issue tracker… somebody should open this ticket!!

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Oh god, please @wyleu open that one for sure, that would actually simplify my life a lot!!
I was trying to open but I don’t really have a full picture right now of what you wanted