Disable / freeze MIDI learn?

Is it possible to disable MIDI learn ? It happens too often to me that the ?? show when fiddling with a controller on the touch screen. I know, “back” is there, but in the heat of a jam session and with lots of MIDI signals running around a wrong controller mapping happens too easy.
If this is not possible, then it would be a great feature to freeze the MIDI configuration through a setting in the Admin screen (not the web interface).

I agree that the gesture for learn is easily confused with value adjust and button operation. I think we are trying to do too much in the same place.


I’m forever accidentally invoking “MIDI learn” too. Could the gesture be changed to something a little less easy to accidentally do? Is a bold press+swipe a possibility, or does that not conform with the overall UI/gestures norms? The option to cancel MIDI learn, without assigning a CC, by swiping left might go some way to solving the issue?

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What confuses me most is that on my Touchscreen I do have touchscreen widgets enabled and one is called “LEARN”. Touching it brings up a whole herd of yellow ??, but I could never properly proceed from here to get a proper MIDI mapping. I personally would prefer this to work and the gesture to be removed completely. Ideally the “LEARN” should only work after a long press and not by just touching the widget or pressing a button.

I still haven’t got round to adding the rotary encoders to my zynthian so rely on the touchscreen. I’ve got touchscreen widgets enabled, and a swipe to the right puts that widget into learn mode (yellow ??). Wiggling a controller (eg modulation wheel) on the keyboard connected to the zynth then assigns that controller to the widget. Swiping left on the widget then un-assigns the controller again. What I find often happens is when I intend to swipe on the widget to change its value (eg swipe up to increase volume) my swipe isn’t exactly vertical, and it sometimes registers as a left or right swipe instead.

Just another idea… maybe a simple fix would be to increase the swipe “distance” required for the system to register the input as a swipe gesture? Maybe only for L/R swipes?

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I would try to adjust the left-right swipe distance, as you say. I think i can improve it …
Also, i will take a look to the “non-gesture” MIDI learn workflow when using touch interface. I must say i never tried :relaxed:


OK! I adjusted the touch gesture interface for MIDI learning. It’s on testing branch.
Please, test and report.

Regarding the “standard” non-gesture interface when using touch, it works OK for me.



I’ll need to go and educate myself how to use testing versions of the code… hopefully it’s not too hard :slight_smile:

@jofemodo That works excellent here. No more sharp looks triggering MIDI learn. Thanks a lot !

Not so difficult:
Open the Web Interface and got to the “Software” / “Repositories” menu.
Tick “Testing” and save.
Now run software update and reboot the system to be on the safe side.
But be warned, there’d be dragons ! Testing is testing and might have bugs. And (at least on my Zynthian), all my Snapshots and some settings are gone after switching to testing.

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Aha… thanks for that @catherder :grin:

More easierer than I though

Testing branch enabled and longer horizontal swipes tested. Seems to be working well for me. Much harder to accidentally invoke midi learn, but still possible to invoke it when required.

Now getting a bit nit-picky… Perhaps consider shortening the swipe just a wee bit, as I now find that I can easily swipe off the edge of the touch screen area without it registering as a gesture. I’m using a 4.3" screen on 800x480px resolution. Not sure if the required swipe length is in pixels or % screen width.

Currently, the horizontal swipe distance is 1/8 of the screen width. I could use a lower vale, but i think this is quite good and works fine for my 3.5" display. It’s the half of the controller area width. If you start the swipe near the left border, there is a long way for swiping.

Anyway, if more users agreee, i would decrease de value.


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I think this is the important thing - knowing what the dynamics are / how it works helps the user to understand how to use it.

One thing that may improve such a control is to detect the motion control then lock it, i.e. once a value change is detected (vertical motion) then horizontal motion detection is disabled. This means having some hysteresis / lag in the detection.

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Thanks for the detail on swipe length. Like @riban says, understanding what is required to trigger a swipe gesture helps me know how to use it with a much better success rate

My typical interaction with a widget used to involve starting my interaction near the centre of the widget, whether that be a tap, bold press or swipe, which could easily result in falling off the edge of the screen and not quite triggering a horizontal swipe. A slight change in thinking on my part is all that’s required to resolve it: i.e. a swipe gesture should be across most of the widget rather than from the centre to the edge.

Like I said… it’s a good improvement like it is and further refinement is just me being a bit nit-picky :blush:

Probably exactly what is required. Oh and by the way :face_with_monocle:

press on the icon if this makes no sense.

What’s the best way to add some :face_with_monocle:? Seems there’s a fairly low file size limit for attachments.

You can use the built in audio recorder then webconf allows you to download the audio file as a wav or ogg. Choose ogg and upload that here.


Thanks for the tips @riban … Ok, so here goes…

Straight from the Zynthian. I’m using fluidsampler with a homemade fake trumpet sf2 file loaded. The sounds are actually pitch corrected recordings of a pice of copper plumbing pipe played like a trumpet. A little bit of reverb was added as an audio effect on the layer.


Why Thank you! that is rather nice :smiley:

Do we get a photo of the copper pipe…? This is an area of musical endeavour that functions at my sort of level… .

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