Disable update of zynthian.service and creation of 99-fbdev.conv

I am experimenting with running Zynthian on multihead setups both on a Raspberry Pi and on an “ordinary” Xubuntu desktop.
This includes a custom X-Server configuration that is not using framebuffer devices and that starts zynthian independently from X.
I notice that the slightest change in the web configuration leads to the zynthian.service file for systemd being reverted to the default and the 99-fbdev.conf under xorg.conf.d is created as well.
I tried to set the immutable flag on these files what works, but breaks the saving operation of the web configurator as it seems to bail out because it cannot save properly.
Is there a way to exclude these files from being overwritten by the web configuration service ?

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Hi @catherder!

I just added a “hook” at the end of the update_zynthian_sys.sh script, that is executed on most of webconf’s save operations . The “hook” calls a custom script, when it exist. The path where you should create the script is:


You can use this script for restoring your configuration. I know it’s not very nice, but it should work :wink:



Ahh! Of course, you have to update your zynthian (or pull zynthian-sys repository) for getting the latest changes.



Works like a charm. Just a big thank you at this point. Zynthian is one of the best examples of excellent, active open source development to me. Zynthian and you guys rock !


Made all the better by the copious number of :face_with_monocle: we collect . . .

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