Hi Zynthianiacs,

I have upgraded my first Zynthian towards a RPi4. It was a bit tricky to install it together with an aluminum radiator case - but it worked:

I used a 40-pin riser for installing the Hifiberry on top of the case. I also had to change the Micro-USB power adapter towards a USB-C one.

Some small problem occured with the actual firmware due to the small PiTFT display (2.8"). I will open another thread for this.

And of course :face_with_monocle: some fast recorded music (theme from “Rock is a drug” from the Spliff-Radio-Show):

(MDA-EPiano with 3-Band EQ and YK-Chorus)

(Pianoteq EPiano MK-II Jazzy Steinberg D)

Regards, Holger


It started out as rather spaceman came travelling… But moved away very succesfully.
Course if you wanted to do the sequence bits from the Chris de Burgh classic I wouldn’t be surprised if was recognised by a few round here… :grin:

Hi @wyleu and @C0d3man,

here is a youtube link, but better listen to from the start… you won’t regret this inspirational piece of german music history!

Greetings and God bless, Marius



Pi4 is the best.

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Sure? It sounds like a grand piano on my phone… :thinking:

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:smiley: Uploaded the wrong file… this one was the Steinberg D (or perhaps the ring tone of my Pixel-3?)

Regards, Holger