DIY Zynth issues with stable-2211

Hi Ziticens,

im loving the update, so many great interface changes to dig into.

Im having an issue getting any extra switches working on the new build.

When i replicate the settings i have working in the main branch, it simply doesnt register any key presses. Im assuming im missing something in the new wiring interface.

Ive got the second 23017 implemented in the standard way on zyaptik, at address 0x21 with interrupt pins 36 & 37.

So i can put in the SD card with the prodution install, and everything works, put in the stable branch SD with same settings and none of the extra switches work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Production settings;

Stable settings:

Hi @feedbackl00p!

Could you send a snapshot from your webconf’s dashboard?


Hi Jofemodo,

do you mean this?

Ive noticed its showing mcp23008 under I2c.

Theres no 23008 that i can see in the current schematics, any idea whats going on?

I went through a somewhat similar problem (and could work it arrount):

Some file missing or something ?

The second mcp23027 is detected like this. Totally normal, although little ugly