Dobble trigger

if I push a knob, I have a doubble-trigger so that I can´t go to a certain point. The highlighted box jumps always two fields. Maybe it correspondence with zyntransport, because I have a wrong synchrinisation with bpm-control.

Please, could you explain a little bit more about your problem?

What do you mean with this?

Did the problem start when you changed to zyntranport branch?
When you come back to master, the problem is still there?



The prob starts and ends with Zynthian-ui = Zyntransport.

I switched back to master, so now I have no problems.

But I can´t control the bpm-speed. frown

I´ve recognised, that the doubble trigger only occures
if an usb-stick is in an usb-jack.

Perhaps it helps to find the reason.

I will try to reproduce …

Thank you!
I have new experience:
the doubble trigger only occures, if I use the novation impulse.
But the impulse sends clean commands.
So I believe, the reason is behind the impulse-Midi-Port.

If I use the korg-nano-Kontrol-2, I have no doubble trigger.

I hope, this helps.

Happy new-year to you, your family & friends!

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How are you connecting your impulse?

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Very normal Impulse USB out -> Zynthian USB IN

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So, now I´ve changed the connection.
The USB-Jack of the Impulse is only used for power.
The connection between Impulse & Zynthian is via USB-MIDI-Cable.

Now I have no doubble triggers, because there is no software Midi-Loop.

But the input of the USB-midi-Cable does not accept all Midi-Commands

I show you webconf midi-log with some commands sent by korg-nano-controller and the
midi-log of the usb-midi-cable after sending the same commands via the cable .

There are some controller-values because i´ve touched the encoder …:wink:

I think, there are different behaviours in midi-cable, the nano-controller and the impulse-branches.

You are playing notes on midi channel 16?
This is the master midi channel and shouldn’t be used for music playing.
You can change it in the webconf to a different channel no

I know that.
And no, I´m not making music on CH#16. Channel 16 is the command channel.
What you see: that´s commands like select short, back short, Layer short etc communicated like notes on the master midi channel. (Don´t wonder: Using the Impulse, the note numbers are 1 octave lower than normal)

from Zynthian User Guide:


And: if I use the korgnanokontrol every command I send reaches it´s target. Everything works fine. (Last picture)

But if I use a USB-MIDI Cable and send the same data (see 1st picture) from the Impulse, the Zythian receives only the shown data. All the other commands are deleted or blocked by zynthian. WHY?

And if I use Impulse USB out -> Zynthian USB In I have doubble triggers.

It would very good to use the three ways with the same results.
And I would prefer the usb-Midi-Cable, because i don´t have to carry another device (KorgNanoKontrol). :wink: