Does anyone know if Zynthian kit is ever going to be available

Have a pi 4 and love to buy the kit but it seems to be sold out all the time…

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Not all the time, but certainly, demand is bigger than offer :grin:
We hope to have some v4 kits for sale in the 3rd week of january 2023. Please, stay tuned!

All the best!

ill be keeping my eyes on it!!

The problem with jewels is that they are rare… :heartbeat:

Maybe we should start mining for Zynthians :pick: :smile:

Yes, let’s dig a tunnel to China and rob the Raspberry factory… better than the Central Bank… :rofl:

checking the shop every day!

I’d like to pre-order one kit :wink:

Best regards,

Sorry @Andrew!

We don’t have a pre-order workflow right now, so please, stay tuned. I will notify when new kits are ready to order.


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Hello Jofemodo,
Is it posable to make a mailing list so we can subscribe?

Thanx a lot!


Bonjour Jofemodo,
Est-il possible de faire une liste de diffusion pour que nous puissions nous inscrire ?

je suis preneur aussi.

Hi, I have a parallel question to that : won’t it be a good way to know/track how many people want the product and how many you have to buy/make ?

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Hi @zynthianers!

V4 Kits are available in the Zynthian Shop again:

Zynthian Kit v4.6 |

I hate to say this, but it’s a small batch, so if you are really interested in getting one of these, don’t wait too much time.



Great news!!!

Have to say it : one less is available :kissing_heart:


… actually, two less are available! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :raised_hands:

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Hoping (and watching) for the kit to become available again!

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