Double Trouble (x2 RPis) Build?

Hello All,

I’m excited to attempt a Zynthian build in the near future and like others on this thread…

…I am curious about slightly more beef for more CPU intensive synths. The ODroid line, including the upcoming N2 seem compelling but perhaps also hotter and louder (though there is a bulky heat sink option) than needed for the purpose. Also, melding the Zynthian build to a board with less universal driver support etc may be too deep of waters for me.

That said, I’m curious about a dual-Pi setup, which would still be price-comparable to most simple singleboard computers the next step up, performance wise, from the Pi3. There appears to be a well-worn path of people who have done this, though I get the impression it’s viewed by some as impractical. The process seems involved but not too arcane.

My question then is would Zynthian run into issues loaded onto a dual-board arrangement as above? If so, I’d be grateful for further information and explanation on the subject. Conversely, if it does seem feasible, would there be any further tinkering needed to configure/optimize such a system?

If I’m overlooking glaringly obvious hurdles, please forgive my ignorance. I’m new to this concept but very much intrigued. Any advice or insight would be most welcome. Thanks all!

Using 2 RBPis could allows to have more layers, but you can’t distribute a process among 2 CPUs in different motherboards. Also, most of the synth engines integrated in Zynthian only uses 1 cpu core!!
Anyway, it’s a very complex subject, we have room for improvements and some brainstorming is always good :wink:

Kind Regards