DSSI-VST and XLN Addictive keys

Hi guys, I’ve read some tutorials related the option to use XLN products (like Addictive Drums) on LINUX, using https://breakfastquay.com/dssi-vst/.

I’m thinking if could be possible to use this solution on Zynthian …

Thanks in advanced

Hi @rs.felicio and welcome to the forum!

DSSI-VST will IMHO only work on x86/amd64 plattforms. Zynthian uses a Raspi which is an ARM CPU. So, if the manufacturer has no VST for ARM, it will not be possible to run it on Zynthian :disappointed:.

Regards, Holger

Holger, thanks for your answer …
Do you know any other VST Bridget, that could be use in Zynthian?

There are no VST hosts that will run with Zynthian. Either a stand alone version needs a special layer writing for it or it needs to be an LV2 plug in.

If you run a standard raspbian image pi with a desktop you could use Carla to host VST plugins. You’ll need a decent monitor, keyboard and mouse.

All of this is moot if the VST isn’t compiled for ARM. You may as well start pushing lumps of coal into a cars petrol tank and expect that to work because petrol and coal are both fuel.


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