Duplicate MOD-UI Pedals not listing in ZynGUI


I have discovered an inconsistency in the listing of MOD-UI pedals in the ZynGUI.

Here I have two crossfade pedals in my MOD-UI patch:

In the ZynGUI listing, I can only find #1:

And of course, it’s NOT the one I like to MIDI-bind, just my luck.

Yes, I scrolled through the whole list. Same happens for every other pedal that is used more than once e.g. “Control to CV”

Maybe there is something wrong in the lisitng routine for the ZynGUI?


I tried to assign some presets to the crossfade pedalS. They show up in both pedals and they do show up in the preset overview of MOD-UI separatly and I can select the presets correctly for each crossfade pedal individually.

But the problem stays the same for MIDI binding.

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You are totally right, @copes! This is an old limitation that we have no improved because nobody asked for it. The best way of getting this fixed is opening a ticket in the issue-tracker:

FYI, the next stable release is almost ready and although it improves MOD-UI integration, it doesn’t fix this issue., so please, open the ticket!!

Best Regards!

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