Edit snapshot in a text editor

Is it possible to manually edit a snapshot?
What I want is to be able to download the snapshot to my computer, open it in GNU Emacs and make fine adjustments.
Are there instructions on how to make such edits?

Thank you very much in advance.

Snapshots are stored as JSON so yes you can(mostly) edit manually. If I need to do this I use a JSON parser to more easily see the structure of the file. The files have .zss extension and are stored in /Zynthian/zynthian-my-data/snapshots. There are subdirectories for groups of snapshots.

Sequences are binary encoded so not human readable.

I am working on the next version of the snapshot format which will be fully documented but the current version relies on manually interpretation. I would prefer to avoid spending time documenting the current version so you may be on your own deciphering it …


Wow a new documented snapshot format would be very nice!!! Good luck with that.

An other thing that would be welcome would be the ability to edit “program change” messages that trigger subsnapshots huh…


You can already change the assignment of Program Change to snapshot. This can be done in the snapshot menu or in webconf.


Oh yes, changing the Snapshot’s Program Change I managed to do quite easily.
My doubt, and the reason I want to edit the “.zss” file is to edit the Program Changes of the “sub-snapshots”.

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