Effecting Previous Capture Playback

I’m happy to add a feature request on GitHub, but feel like I’m missing something obvious. Surely I can’t be the first person to want to effect a previously recorded capture on the Zynthian?

Well, in my instance not exactly, but the the workflow is the same. Here is my specific scenario:

I’ve gone and made a silly field recording, come back home and sent it via mixer to the Zynthian to effect. I’ve had a ball of a time, but before going out again another day to make more silly recordings, pulled my previous silly recordings off the SD card and onto the computer.

It’s now some days hence and I’ve gone to put one of the first silly recordings through the Zynthian again, but it is no longer on my recording device. AHAH! I think. I’ll simply upload the recording to the Zynthian and play it back and somehow be able to effect it. I managed to upload my recording to the Zynthian and play it back, but that was about it :frowning:

I feel like I must be missing something obvious tho? I have looked at various effects and couldn’t find anything that purported to solve my problem. I confess to being tired and overworked and short fused at the moment tho.

(On a side note, I have also wanted to MIDI sync play/stop of captures via transport messages and also decided it was easier to have things slightly offbeat. Should this be another feature request on GitHub?)

Hi @gr0k

First, yes - feature requests are good!

Are you saying you want to feed the output of the audio player into an effect chain? I don’t think that is an available feature so would require a feature request.

Controlling MIDI player via transport controls would be within our gift since we (I) wrote our own SMF player but it is not an implemented feature hence another request required. The tempo is adjusted to match that of the Zynthian (although there are some quirks but no one has noticed / complained yet).

Thanks @riban!

I have just submitted two feature requests:

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Perfect! I will implement the first request ASAP.


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Thank you @jofemodo!!

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It’s implemented on development branch “feature/388_audio_player_routing”.
Please, test and report.


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Wow that was quick, thank you so much!

Have updated already, and will have some feedback for you this evening.

Thank you again @jofemodo!

I’ve only had a quick play around, but so far so good! Amazing!

I’ll be filtering and re-sampling/re-recording, and have already tried this on the Zynthian using the feature/388_audio_player_routing branch, and it worked perfectly!

This means overdubbing is now a possibility on the Zynthian, so cool!

Thank you again @jofemodo!!!

(And I promise a :face_with_monocle: ASAP - hopefully this evening)

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Releases a homing vulture in expectation…