Empty Layer


Is it possible to get an empty layer?
I am using the Single Channel mode and have a second Zynthian connected to the main one.
When I had an empty layer, I could switch to the second Zynthian.


Hi @mheidt!

Could you be more verbose? I would like to understand exactly whats your workflow …
Probably we can implement something cleaner than an “empty layer” … :wink:


Prerequisite: One Midi Controller, that is only having Midi Channel 1, so that I use it in Single Channel Mode.
I have a second Zynthian connected to the first one via MIDI.
Assume I have a Pianoteq Layer on Midi Channel 1 and the second listens to MIDI Channel 2. Now I want to switch the sound, so that the seconde Zynthian is used. That means, that the Midi Events are should be routed to Midi 2 via OUT or THROUGH and the local zynthian needs to be mute.
So you can call it MIDI OUT-Layer instead of Empty :slight_smile:


Hi @mheidt!

Currently it’s not possible to create an empty layer, but you could create an pure effect layer, and the result will be the same. Simply create a “new effect layer” in the channel you want to forward and choose an effect that doesn’t consume much CPU power. A simply “Gain” should do the task :wink:

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Yes, that works for me.
Would it make sense if we offer the option to rename layer names via webconf?


We could have an alias “names” that could be configured from webconf. Webconf should understand the snapshot format, but it’s quite simple. Simply follow the rabit from here:

So … webconf would show a snapshot preview with the list of “root layer” (fxchains could be shown too), allowing to edit an alias for each one.

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Isn’t this type of passthrough exactly what MIDI Thru is for?


It’s not a pass through. Midi IN is always sending channel 1.
Zynthian is translating it to a different channel to Midi Out


So sorry, I totally forgot about the MIDI channel 1 part.